What 4 leaders, mentors, authors or people in your life do you look up to or trust the most?

I was recently asked this question. I thought about it a few days. There are so many! Or are there? Who do I look up to and/or would TRUST? There are so many people who I would NOT trust.

When I was working on my list I decided that my reasoning would be based on outcomes that these individuals have actually delivered. Those who have been walking the walk … and so on.

After careful consideration here is my list (excluding any possible inclusion of family or friends).

Nelson Mandela – The integrity of this man is astonishing. We all know what happened to him and after all that – he is one of the most charismatic leaders of our time.

Simon Sinek – “Its all about the Why.” His message is consistent. Leadership is about transparency, integrity, common good, team work etc. These values click with mine.
Barack Obama -I think he is a good guy. I am sure he has done things that I would not like, however he is inspirational in his rethoric and in his actions. I do trust him.


President of Finland Sauli Niinisto    (photo Marko Seuranen)

Sauli Niinstö, President of Finland – Close to 90 % of Finns think he has done a very good job since he assumed the Presidency in 2012, according to recent polls. I agree. His actions have shown that he is a strong leader with integrity. His phone call to a gardening program in radio station to ask about plants without saying who he was caused a stir in the media. That is a class act. And he plays Ice-hockey.

What about you? Who are the people on your list?


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