NordicSense 4 a Complex World Update 5/17. Nordic Newsbits featuring bikes & beer, contraceptive apps, hobbyhorsing, Slush, education & more..

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen on bike searching Danes’ happiness.

“The Danish Way”, Mads Mikkelsen bikes through his hometown Copenhagen in search for the secret to Danes’ happiness and …beer.


Why are Nordics some of the world’s happiest people? Is it something in the water? 

‘Nordic model’ is not about beautiful blond women – it is the Nordic loosely-defined system of governance employed by Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (Iceland to a lesser extent).

 Saunalahti school

There is only one secret as to why Finland gets it right in education. 

The real secret to Finland’s success can be boiled down to a single key differentiator.

Slush 2017

Whoa! Calling for speakers – Ready to Rock the stage @Slush 2017.  

Slush 2017 in Helsinki in November 2017 is a great opportunity to influence the hearts and minds of 17,500 entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts and media from around the world. The conference features two days full of stage program, in addition to several side events.

Hobby Horsing

Teens going gaga for ‘hobbyhorsing’. 

Those stuffed horse’s heads on sticks you played with as a kid have made a comeback in Finland. Some 10,000 Finns, mostly between the ages of 10 and 18, have ponied up to the sport, where participants compete in traditional equestrian events like dressage and show jumping with toys instead of real animals.


Using technology app to help to get pregnant. Or not.

Swedish app has been approved as the world’s first contraceptive. Natural Cycles calculates daily fertility with an algorithm developed uniquely for the app then determines whether you’re fertile or not that day, so that you know if you risk pregnancy by having unprotected sex.


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